December 23, 2018

The Crow Crew's Product Reviews: December 23

Welcome to our blog! Our staff will be regularly reviewing products we have on our shelves and posting the reviews here! Get in touch with our blog manager Scott on Instagram ( if there are any reviews you'd like to see.


Avi shatter by Rogue Raven Farms

This multi-Dope Cup-award-winning CBD-dominant shatter lives up to its reputation. Its quality is evident first by the concentrate’s beautifully pale gold color, then by its smell and taste. Bear in mind, as a shatter, it can be tough to work with a dab tool; I store it in the fridge or freezer when I’m not using it and this alleviates any problems with sticky ribbons. After dabbing (at a medium to low temp, my preference for flavor and smoothness), I feel an uplifting and lightening sensation, which soon fades into a centered, internal calm.

This is easily one of my favorite CBD-dominant concentrates we’ve ever carried, and like other CBD product reviews I’ve written, I don’t have a specific activity for this product. It is best used as needed. For instance, a small dab before a stressful day at work can make a big, happy difference.


Snowdizzle flower by GLW (Growing Like a Weed)

Snowdizzle has been my go-to relaxation strain for the last week or so. Its dense, hand-trimmed buds are tight, lightly springy, and covered in frosty trichomes, and grinding one up yields a pile of fluffy, fragrant packable weed. Snowdizzle smokes clean, with a vibrant mix of earthy and piney flavors. The resulting high is potent in its calming effects, yet still allows one to focus and get things done. It’s a great choice if you want to have an enjoyable, carefree experience without getting knocked out, and therefore is a terrific indica hybrid for the daytime.

This is one of those strains that is more adaptable and doesn’t beg for specific situations. If you just need a good quality bud to smoke to keep you going, refresh your mind, calm some pesky anxiety, or lift your spirits, put some Snowdizzle in your pot jar!


Black Jack flower/cartridge by Harmony Farms

This strain is a cross of legendary sativa Jack Herer and indica strain Black Domina, and though it mostly offers the uplifting, social, and creative effects of Jack Herer, its main sensation is that of cool bliss. Even for those who tend to react to Jack Herer with paranoia, Black Jack is a friendly one. It fights anxiety while giving you the motivation to complete tasks at your own pace. Its flavor is like a fizzy lemonade. What’s especially impressive is that you can tell Harmony’s Black Jack wax cartridge uses the same terpy flower, tasting the same and giving the same effects, so you can be flexible in how you consume this wonderful strain!

Jack Herer strains usually make me feel active and talkative, so Black Jack is excellent if you have a social activity or a conference call you have to do. The light focus it encourages can also be great for writing, drawing or doing chores.


GG4 flower by Rogue Raven Farms

One thing I remarked to my partner just after opening a jar of this weed: “There aren’t enough beautifully stinky strains in the world.” This isn’t even close to the smelliest strain I’ve experienced recently, but something about its pungency is just right. And that’s before even smoking it — after a bowl or two I felt properly “old school high,” marveling at individual words and getting rather giggly before focusing in on an artsy movie. There’s a reason “fka Gorilla Glue” is regarded as a classic, especially when done right.

Recommended activities: wondering aloud about the universe, watching a dumb comedy surrounded by treats, watching a smart drama surrounded by treats, playing a funny and social party game.




Amnesia Lemon flower by The Virginia Company

This new sativa flower from The Virginia Company is their third in an unofficial “amnesia series” that also includes Amnesia Haze and Sweet Amnesia. This one is served well by its name: it’s quite lemony in smell and flavor.  What's more, it dials in an extra amount of tunnel-vision focus, a common effect of the other Amnesia strains. Save this strain for when you need to get stuff done; it's one of the most productive strains I've tried recently, not to mention the happy uplifting qualities that often accompany limonene-dominant strains.


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