Meet the Team


I love cannabis because it's my medicine. I have many years of experience with treating migraine headaches and anxiety. I am passionate about helping educate and assisting customers to find strains and a preferred method of medicating that is the best for them. I am also looking forward to hearing feedback from our customers on how cannabis helps them, whether it be recreational or medicinal. I am very thankful to be a Budtender at Smoking Crow Cannabis. This opportunity enables me to continue learning about this healing plant and to be at the forefront of this new industry is truly a honor. My preferred go-to method is smoking flower out of my bong, as well as in my new nectar collector. For personal use I make my own products using infusions and extractions. I make many types of edibles, tincture, salves and lotions.

Connie’s Specialty: Flower, primarily CBD and educating on various methods of cannabis healing.


For most of my life, I've seen negative views and a stigma surrounding cannabis. But for the last few years I have been able to witness the positive aspects of this plant, and how it can help people beyond recreational use. I wanted to be a part of the change, moving this industry forward and opening peoples' eyes as to how we can better understand and use this plant. It is an extremely exciting time for research in this industry, and I am most excited to see how this can directly impact the well-being and health of consumers and patients.

Dominic’s Specialty: I make sure the store always has good tunes playing.


Hey there, my name is Kayla. I’m originally from San Diego and grew up in a little beach town five minutes away from the Mexican border. Growing up, I dealt with daily, unexplainable pain from an inflammatory condition that I wasn’t diagnosed with until I was 19. I found cannabis a few years prior and it was the only thing that helped me deal with my symptoms and relieve some of that pain. Intrigued by the medical market in California, I applied for a medical rec that I carried for six years. I relished in the discovery of new dispensaries and loved the experience of going into a shop, where I could smell the different strains and choose the herb I wanted.

When I moved to Bellingham in 2015, I was really surprised to see what the Washington market was doing. I decided to pursue a job in the industry as a budtender, which then lead me into a managerial and purchasing role. I fell in love with the industry but at the same time I took note of the things that concerned me. I signed on with Smoking Crow in 2017 and decided I wanted to take our store in a different direction. By making our store a place of education, I intend on shifting the dialogue away from the percentages cannabis is currently being sold on in an effort to focus on what matters in the plant. By talking about terpenes and growing processes, it’s my highest hope that the people coming in to buy the products they love will walk away knowing more about them than they ever did before. It’s the experience that I loved in California that we seem to have lost in Washington. I’m eager to reestablish that and provide a comfortable space where people have the freedom to explore and learn more about this wonderfully complex plant.

Kayla’s Specialty: I’m good at pairing strains with activities. I can find you the best joint for just about any occasion.


I've been visiting medical collectives since I was 18 and had my medical card. During that time I've participated in a few personal grows that some family members and close friends, who were also medical patients established. Most importantly though, I have a passion for cannabis and to see it helping others the way it helps me, is so extremely rewarding. It's been amazing to see how the cannabis industry has grown throughout the years and learn about all the people who have been helped through the use of cannabis. I look forward to being a part of this movement, to educate the public on the benefits of cannabis so this industry can continue to progress in such a positive and inspiring way.

Laurel’s Specialty: Ask for me if you’re looking for yummy, terpy concentrates!


"I love Cannabis for its many beneficial uses. It can help with various body pains (MS, arthritis, Sciatica, etc.), easing anxiety, reducing tremors for people with Parkinson's disease, easing nausea, appetite control, and so much more! I wanted to work in this industry to teach people that there is so much more to Cannabis than just "being stoned" and "getting high.”

Lena’s Specialty: Concentrates or “dabs” are one of my favorite cannabis products to consume. Crumbles, waxes, honeycombs, crystals, terp sauces, live resins… I love them all! I can help you find just the right taste you prefer and in turn get you to that high you enjoy.


I grew up on the east coast and moved to Bellingham in January 2017. After a split with the religious faith of my youth five years ago, I turned to cannabis to relieve my depression and expand my mind. I love cannabis for the therapy and balance that it provides, and as a music writer/reviewer, my favorite thing about it is its connection with art and music. I am incredibly grateful and lucky to work as a budtender and to share my experience and knowledge with so many beautiful people. My mission is to promote cannabis as an agent of balance, and to share with others in its near-limitless potential to heal and inspire.

Scott’s Specialty: I prefer to smoke flower and I love sativas and upbeat, creative strains. Come see me if you want a relaxing, psychedelic mind trip.


High, I’m taylor! I’m a forever-young, mama bear, and I’ve been a part of this industry for the past two years. Being a part of the Cannabis industry has taken my passion for Cannabis from just liking to get high, into loving, and learning about all that this plant has to offer. I receive great joy everyday that I get to meet new people from all aspects of life and we get to share our love and knowledge. I’m proud to be a part of a growing industry with so much opportunity. Likes; smoking flower, terpenes, a good “old school high”, and Seth Rogen.

Dislikes; racey sativas, high THC numbers, cartridges that fail, and when the record skips.

Taylor’s Specialty: I’m good at listening to my customer’s needs and making suggestions based on my experience or the experiences other share with me.