Meet the Team


Unofficial Smoking Crow Security Pug

Sup, I'm Yodaface. I like sniffing butts, any attention and good quality booty scratches. I'm also a big fan of CBD for self care. It's better than bacon, I swear! I take my job very seriously and have made it my goal to rid the shop of all bad vibes.

Favorite Movie: Milo & Otis. Favorite Artist: Snoop Dogg. Favorite Food:Deep Dish Pizza- ALL DAY

Yodaface’s Specialty: Serving and protecting the shop with my big boy voice


The plant kingdom is probably one of the best resources for combating life’s assaults on our well-being. Trees release terpenes, like pinene, that can immediately boost your mood and get you thinking clearly. Nature has given you natural Iodine in moss, anti-venom for stings, in the juice of fern roots and healing essential oils from so many plants and herbs. Cannabis works in the same way.I love Cannabis because it’s capacity to heal is so incredibly broad. The stigmas and suppressions of Cannabis are only blocking people from quality of life. Weed is my companion. It has a way of enhancing all of my life experiences. Whether my day is calm, hectic, painful or energetic, there is a cannabis product that can serve me.I see the mental and physical pain that people are coping with daily. Being part of the Smoking Crow family means I get to have a part in educating and helping my fellow humans find some relief. As a CNA I’ve cared for people of all walks of life with various ailments. No matter what they are going through, there is a place for Cannabis in their lives. It’s an honor to have a place in the i502 industry. My background in growing has taught me a lot about what a sustainable and healthy grow should look like. Integrity is everything in this industry. This product is going into our bodies after all!

Bree's Specialty: Come see me if you’re looking for suggestions on what to bring along for your hikes, camping trips and cook-outs!


I have always had a passion for helping others and love expanding my knowledge about the body and cannabis. I received my degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science & Health Promotion in 2014. That winter I went on to get certified as a Massage Therapist and had my own practice in Humboldt County, California for seven years while also working on numerous cannabis farms. I am so grateful I was able to have a positive impact on my community and even bring CBD into my practice to share the healing properties of cannabis with my clients. I'm excited to continue learning about this amazing plant and am thrilled to be a part of the Smoking Crow family. Cheers!

Bridget’s Specialty: Finding a chill high with mental clarity that vibes with movies and music


Cody is a mystery - an enigma. Does he have a moustache under the mask? You may never know. Do you want to know? Yes.

Cody’s Specialty: One time I jumped a dirt bike over 3 busses. Prove me wrong.


Crow: Who is it? Dave: it's Dave man, I'm here to write my bio for the website Crow: Who? Dave: Dave, man. I'm here to write about myself and the cannabis industry. Crow: Dave? Dave: Yeah Dave! Crow: Dave's not here. Dave: What the hell?? No man, I am Dave. I was going to say how, since moving from the UK to Washington, I've been enjoying rediscovering strains I've smoked over there before we knew what strain names were and I was just happy to get a bag of mystery weed. Crow: who is it? Dave: Oh what the hell?!? C'mon, it's Dave. Remember how I love living in a legal state, where the stigma of consuming cannabis is slowly being lifted, it's medical benefits are being accepted mainstream and I'm able to select a product for my mood or activity. Crow: who?? Dave: Dave! D-A-V-E. Crow: Dave? Dave: yeah Dave! The one who especially liked to pair strains with movies and video games to help fully immerse myself in the experience. Crow: Dave? Dave: Right man, Dave. Now let's get this bio done. Crow: Dave's not here man.

Dave's Specialty: I like to get old-school high - if you want simple, fun, high-quality stoney weed, I can hook you up.


For most of my life, I've seen negative views and a stigma surrounding cannabis. But for the last few years I have been able to witness the positive aspects of this plant, and how it can help people beyond recreational use. I wanted to be a part of the change, moving this industry forward and opening peoples' eyes as to how we can better understand and use this plant. It is an extremely exciting time for research in this industry, and I am most excited to see how this can directly impact the well-being and health of consumers and patients.

Dominic’s Specialty: I can find you a tasty cartridge for just about any occasion.


No one ever said, “ If Andy Dwyer and Harvey Fierstein had a baby, and that baby got a job at a cannabis shop, that baby would be Garrett,” but that is what you have friends! I had the unfortunate experience to grow up in the DARE age, where so much misinformation of cannabis lead me to have a negative perception of this plant. In my early 20’s I began to see how wrong I had been. I have seen cannabis help so many people with a wide range of health issues in ways that no pharmacy created pill ever could. It’s an honor to be able to work in an ever growing industry that seeks to educate and create access to a better life for people.

Garrett’s Specialty: I’m good at listening to my customer’s needs and making suggestions based on my experience or the experiences others share with me. Also, I make a mean cup of coffee.


I've been visiting medical collectives since I was 18 and had my medical card. During that time I've participated in a few personal grows that some family members and close friends, who were also medical patients established. Most importantly though, I have a passion for cannabis and to see it helping others the way it helps me, is so extremely rewarding. It's been amazing to see how the cannabis industry has grown throughout the years and learn about all the people who have been helped through the use of cannabis. I look forward to being a part of this movement, to educate the public on the benefits of cannabis so this industry can continue to progress in such a positive and inspiring way.

Laurel’s Specialty: Ask for me if you’re looking for yummy, terpy concentrates!


Hello, my name is Orlando. I am a native Puerto Rican, who has found his way to Bellingham via Manchester NH, Cape Coral FL, Boston MA, and San Diego CA. Three years ago I decided to leave the Coast Guard after ten years of service to better myself and went to University. And then, two years ago my beautiful, wonderful, amazing girlfriend suggested we move and we picked beautiful Bellingham and have loved every minute here. After obtaining my AS in Business Management with a certificate in Logistics from Whatcom CC, I decided to try to apply what I have learned in school to the Cannabis industry. After months of bugging Dom for a job, he finally gave me a chance, and the rest is what they call history.

Orlando's Specialty: I love to get high on strong dabs with tasty, clean flavors. Ask me about my favorite concentrates!


Hey everybody! I’m so happy to be out here in the PNW! I made my way over from Florida about two years ago after hurricane Irma finally gave me the push I needed to get out. The journey out here was really eye opening, the people and culture that I have experienced along the way continue to give my life joy and meaning. I’m so blessed to have experienced cannabis in different states and seeing the culture that blooms into everyday society slowly getting rid of the stigmatism and properly educating people on the use and benefits of cannabis in their everyday lifestyle. I’m so honored to be apart of this amazing team of knowledgeable and compassionate people.

Will's Specialty: I love to get high on hikes or long walks with my doggies so come and see me to pick out the best buds for you outdoor adventures!