Cannabis Terpenes

Most Common Cannabis Terpenes

  • Boiling Point: 311F
  • Aroma: Pine
  • Common Effects: Alertness, memory retention, counteracts some THC effects
  • Potential Medical Value: Asthma relief, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory
  • Boiling Point: 334F
  • Aroma: Musky, cloves, earthy, herbal with notes of citrus and tropical fruit
  • Common Effects: Sedating “couch-lock” effect, relaxing
  • Potential Medical Value: Antioxidant: relieves muscle tension, sleeplessness, pain, inflammation, and depression
  • Boiling Point: 349F
  • Aroma: Citrus
  • Common Effects: Elevated mood, stress relief
  • Potential Medical Value: Antifungal; antibacterial; anticarcinogenic; mood enhancement; may treat gastrointestinal complications, heartburn, and depression
  • Boiling Point: 320F
  • Aroma: Pepper, spicy, woody, cloves
  • Common Effects: No detectable physical effects
  • Potential Medical Value: Gastro-protective, anti-inflammatory; good for arthritis
  • Boiling Point: 388F
  • Aroma: Floral, citrus, candy
  • Common Effects: Anxiety relief and sedation
  • Potential Medical Value: Antianxiety, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, antiacne.