Freedom at New Heights

Bellingham's newest dispensary where cannabis leads to community

As pioneers of this industry we exercise our freedom to challenge old stereotypes and reinvent the image of cannabis. Crows are communal animals, roosting together to cultivate strength in numbers. At Smoking Crow, we too believe in the power found amongst community. Our purpose is simple. We work together, as a passionate team, to consistently supply the highest quality products in an atmosphere that feels like home. We are here to do what we love and share it with our neighbors, so we all may find freedom at new heights.

Our Values

  • George Washington
    Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.
    George Washington

A Community Cannabis Dispensary for Bellingham, WA

Cannabis is a bridge. It fosters community, bringing different people, ideas, and worldviews together. The properties unique to marijuana are a touchstone to the past and an anchor to the present. A single herb used to heal, relax, create, and even foster peace throughout history—and the cannabis dispensary you call your own should carry on that legacy. At Smoking Crow we are not just a growing dispensary; we’re a growing hub in the Bellingham community.

Our knowledgeable budtenders are ready to guide you no matter why you’ve come to visit. We understand our flowers, their properties, and can help you to find the ideal medicinal or recreational cannabis products to fit your needs. We love Bellingham, we care for our neighbors, and our door is almost always come on in and join the Smoking Crow community today. We can’t wait to meet you.

Daily & Weekly Deals

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Stay up to date with our daily and weekly deals by subscribing to our SMS platform. Creating a community means being a part of something larger than yourself. It’s the reason we’re in constant communication with local growers, confectioners, and processors from across the state. Those relationships allow us to get the best pricing on Washington State’s highest quality products, and bring them back to our friends right here in Bellingham. We don’t know what our weekly deals will be until the very last second, that’s why we send text alerts to the entire Smoking Crow Community every Sunday at 4:20PM. There’s no better way to start your week than a visit with family at Bellingham’s favorite dispensary.


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