Vaporizers and Dabbing

When do cannabinoids begin to vaporize?

Cannabinoids begin to vaporize around 284 F, combustion doesn't begin until 446 F

Does temperature affect their cannabis buzz?

Yes, think of temperature control as the key to unlocking the full array of effects a strain can offer. Higher temperatures exaggerate effects, while lower temps offer a gentler experience because of the terpenes that are burnt off at certain temperatures. Temperature is basically the volume knob, turn it up for intensity. Start at 330 F and go up from there.

What is dabbing?

  • Dabbing is the process of applying extremely high temperatures onto a “hot plate” or nail and dropping oil/concentrates onto it.
  • Dabbing typically involves the use of shatter or wax. These are both highly concentrated forms of cannabis that resemble hard rock candy. Colors range from very light yellow to dark amber or brown.

What is vaporizing?

Vaporizing uses an electronic mechanism to heat the air to a specific temperature, which then heats the cannabis flower or concentrate and extracts the THC, turning it into vapor without charring the substance.

What is the healthiest way to consume cannabis?

Vaporization is the purest way to consume cannabis because it does not burn the cannabis flower or concentrate and vaporizes.

What components make a good vaporizer?

  • Having the heater and electronic components in separate chambers so the
  • The ability to control temperature
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