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Weekly Deals

March 11th-17th


30% OFF ALL FDG, Sugarleaf & Elevate Products. / Mix & Match NW Nectar flower 4g for $25 or 7g for $45! (9 Strains Available!)


3/11- Lazy Sundaze - 15% OFF Verdelux Edibles. 20% OFF ALL Prerolls.

Recommended Film of the Week: The Fall (2006), Starring Lee Pace & Catinca Untaru.

3/12- Munchy Mondays - 20% OFF ALL American Baked & Craft Elixirs Edibles, Cascadia Gardens Strawberry Banana Cartridges for $29, Sweetwater Candyland & Huckleberry Pie Prerolls 1g for $8, Daddy Fat Sacks Pineapple Goo & Tangerine Dream Concentrate 1g for $25!

3/13- Terp Tuesdays - Education day! Let’s talk terpenes. 10% OFF 1g’s & 2g's, 15% OFF 8ths from Daddy Fat Sacks and Virginia Co.

3/14- Wax Wednesdays - 15% OFF ALL Concentrates. 20% OFF ALL Heylo carts.

3/15- Crow's Choice Thursdays - 20% OFF ALL Cascadia Gardens & Sweetwater products.

3/16- Freedom Fridays - 15% OFF ALL CBD products and Verdelux Edibles. Vendor Day with Diosa Verde from 3:30p-6:30p! 20% OFF ALL DV products!

3/17- Smoke Local Saturdays - 15% OFF rotating local vendors (Eagle Trees, Wildflower, Doctor&Crook, OH McDonald). Vendor Day with Raven Grass from 4p-7p! 20% OFF ALL RG products!


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Back in Stock this Week

Ceres: Zen & Rebound Tincture. (Update: Zen was back ordered. Order should arrive this week.)

New Products this Week

Blackberry Kush, Oregon Silver Haze, Panamanian Princess oil & kief infused (FKO) prerolls!

Daily Discounts

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Seniors/Veterans/Military - Everyday, 20% OFF

Students & Industry - Everyday, 20% OFF


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