Weekly Roundup 3/18
March 18, 2018
Weekly Roundup 04/08
April 8, 2018
Weekly Roundup for March 25th:

By Scott Dransfield

MK Ultra by Virginia Company



MK Ultra is a pure indica with a special focus on mental stimulation. More than other indicas, this strain starts off with a blast of euphoria; its high lives in the brain for a while until the deep body relaxation sets in. This is also notable for its pungent, skunky odor; one of the strongest I’ve come across at this job. Unusually for an indica, MK Ultra’s most prominent terpene by a long shot is Limonene, which explains its tendency to produce a mind trip.



Liberty Haze by Virginia Company


Liberty Haze is a hybrid strain whose key strength is its… well, strength. Its high is potent and reliable, offering stress relief and good vibes, making it a perfect everyday go-to strain. Featuring a classic funky, lemony scent and a flavor belying its limonene- and pinene-heavy terpene profile, Liberty H

aze is among my top favorites for happy high times.



Salmon River OG by Daddy Fat Sacks



Salmon River OG is a beautiful indica-dominant strain with incredibly relaxing qualities. It grabs attention with its look and smell — big, green and purple buds with orange fuzz and a thick, silvery coating of trichomes; a pleasant smell of pine wood and a burst of skunky funk. The high is a fun, stoney experience great for hanging with friends or just enjoying some peace and quiet.




Afghani x Mexican Sativa Play Cartridge by Nerdie Birdie

CO2 Oil Cartridge

Nerdie Birdie’s new cartridges with C-cell technology really rip. Until this bad boy I’d never had a cartridge that vaped comparably to smoking from a bong. They come in indica and sativa blend varieties, and the sativa is Nerdie Birdie’s signature Afghani x

Mexican cross; it’s an excellent choice if you need to get a boost and stay functional, or even if you want to get blazed and sit motionless in the sun. 


WEEKLY BUDDY PICK: Kayla picks Hubba Bubba by Daddy Fat Sacks

Kayla is our busy, busy store manager and she needs strains that can help her get lifted and also get stuff done. She likes Hubba Bubba because it actually has a fruity bubblegum scent. It’s uplifting but not too stoney, so it would be great for a wake-and-bake session. Plus, its appealingly frosted nugget actually looks like candy!






OG Skunk by Sweetwater Farms 


This is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid with a strong cerebral punch. Like all of Sweetwater Farms’ flower, it has a beautiful bud, featuring dark and light green colors and a frosty coating. I smoked this strain with friends and had a great time sharing stories and giggling; OG Skunk is a worry-free social strain that could also have great applications for creativity and focus.