Our Partners

Lazy Bee Gardens produces award-winning cannabis in Washington’s stunning Methow Valley. Ample sunshine, clean water and naturally mineral-rich soil allows founder Matthew Frigone and his team of experienced growers to cultivate a line of hearty, fragrant and intensely psychoactive cannabis. With more than twenty carefully selected varietals in production, customers will find a LB strain to suit their needs.
Sweetwater Farms Craft Cannabis is produced in small batches where every step of the process, from growing all the way down to the trimming, is carefully done by hand with the utmost integrity. Factors such as unique genetic lineages, nutrient-rich soil and our proprietary nutrient blend are essential parts of staying “Committed to the CRAFT!
Raven Grass + Goods is located in Olympia, WA. We believe in truth and transparency in all we do and have built our business based on a “beyond organic” approach to cannabis. Our garden is compliant with the National Organic Program, but beyond that, we strive to make every decision from a place of social responsibility as well. We believe the cannabis industry can be a catalyst for positive change, and we try to be that change as a small business in America. We aim to bring you beautifully crafted CBD and THC products, created with intention and love, that you can trust to be safe and thoroughly vetted by our team. Guaranteed Good Vibes since 2013!
Fire Bros. was founded by a group of old friends all born and raised in the Seattle area. Our mission is to provide the finest cannabis and concentrates in the state. We are an owner-operated, indoor farm based in the heart of Western Washington. Bringing years of experience and dedication to the art of cannabis growing since WA’s medical days, Fire Bros. is committed to earning a place on your top shelf.
The Pot Factory is a family owned and operated, licensed Cannabis Producer/Processor in Bellingham, Washington. Our plants are grown, hand trimmed and packaged with care. Since our launch in 2013, we have strived to consistently deliver a high quality, diverse line of products. Whether you enjoy flower, joints or the finest extracts you can always find something at the Pot Factory. We are proud to be part of this growing industry and our supportive community!
At Wildwood Flower Farm, we grow sun-soaked, sustainable cannabis with strains best suited for the climate on our family farm in Okanogan County. Farmers, Isaac and Melissa, live on their farm, giving love and attention to their plants nearly 24 hours a day and enlist the help of their goats, ducks, and chickens with weeding, compost boosting, and Integrated Pest Management.
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Redbird is a state of the art cultivar based in Spokane Valley, WA utilizing High-Pressure Aeroponics to deliver pharma grade cannabis.
The Wildflower mission is to connect people with the healing power of plants. We live to share and inspire holistic wellness by designing and developing the best-performing CBD and cannabis wellness products available, and provide options for people seeking holistic wellness and health. We will achieve this mission through a commitment to our values of transparency, sustainability, and freedom. With these values, we hope to help make the world a better place.
Amber Brick makes premium cannabis concentrates from beautiful Bellingham, Washington. We make BHO/PHO concentrates for some of the top growers in the state, and we carry our own line of premium products for top shelf retailers.
Aligning world-class cannabis producers with custom engineered growing facilities to provide consistent supply of sun enhanced indoor cannabis at affordable price points, grown and packaged using the latest sustainable methods.
Cascadia Gardens is a family owned & operated recreational cannabis Producer/Processor in Bellingham, WA. Specializing in high quality indoor-grown cannabis, superb hydrocarbon and CO2 extracts, Cascadia Gardens brings you the top shelf quality your products deserve. We strive to mimic the plant's natural ecosystem by giving them access to the resources and conditions they've evolved in,resulting in happy, healthy plants that are organic and pesticide free.
Eagle Trees are a local, family-owned cannabis farm located on Mt. Baker Highway. Their product is healthy, sun-grown, and pesticide free.
Fairwinds was founded on the principal of bringing cutting-edge cultivating technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, and proven ancient herbal traditions into the forefront of the cannabis industry. We create effective, safe, and proven products – supported by ancient wisdom, modern clinical studies, and real science. Fairwinds is committed to supporting the healthy use of cannabis, to empower and heal.
Heylo Cannabis Extracts: Our company values, Education and Transparency, define our team, lab process, and retail products. Whether helping the body heal, creating adventure or shifting perspective, cannabis has opened doors for humanity over millennia. The extraction of cannabis enables us to be more precise with the experiences enabled by cannabinoids and terpenes.
We take great pride in the products we produce, and pour our love into each harvest. Founded in 2016, Khush Kush is a play on words: “Khush” is Hindi for happiness, and the slang word “kush” refers to cannabis strains that originated in the Hindu Kush mountain range.
Verdelux entered the recreational cannabis market with the intent of creating the world's finest edibles. We focus on perfecting taste, potency and consistency. Our edibles are lovingly handmade in small batches following the tradition of Victorian confectioneries. Because we care about the well being and experience of our consumers we select farms that avoid pesticides and fungicides. Cannabis extracts must be parallel to the standards we hold to our candy -- nothing less will do!
Green Revolution’s “Terpenes Love Cannabinoids’ Standardization Profiles” are optimal combinations of terpene and cannabinoid profiles of meticulously selected strains for fast acting, accurate experiences, each and every time. Whether you’d like to chill, get some relief, elevate the situation or fly, Green Revolution’s TLC delivers consistent and authentic cannabis experiences you will love.
Oleum Extracts boldly goes where no concentrate has gone before. With a passion for revolutionizing the spirit and culture of cannabis, Oleum Extracts crafts cutting-edge concentrates sourced from the best Washington producers.