December 13, 2018

The Crow Crew's Product Reviews: December 13

Welcome to our blog! Our staff will be regularly reviewing products we have on our shelves and posting the reviews here! Get in touch with our blog manager Scott on Instagram ( if there are any reviews you'd like to see.


Chem’s Antidote pre-roll by GLW | By Scott Dransfield

This strain by GLW is an excellent daytime smoke for those looking for uplifting, stress-relieving effects without the incapacitating high. With 12% CBD and 7% THC, it offers the goodness of CBD with a healthy dose of THC’s beneficial psychoactive effects as well. It’s a sativa hybrid, too, so it makes for an excellent strain for any time of day without knocking you out. And being a GLW pre-roll, you can rest easy knowing you're smoking a well-packed full-flower joint with all the attending terps and effects you'd expect from such high quality.

My perfect situation to smoke this pre-roll is walking to the park on a crisp, sunny day.



Charlotte’s Web rosin by Daddy Fat Sacks | By Scott Dransfield

Rosin extraction often results in rich, sticky, terpy, flavorful wax that contains the best cannabis has to offer. This rosin by Daddy Fat Sacks, made from their CBD strain Charlotte’s Web, is no different. A medium temp dab of it is extremely flavorful, and results in one of the most blissful “highs” I’ve experienced lately. Of course, with a very low THC percentage, it doesn’t exactly make you high, per se, but the zen body feeling and relaxation it offers is noticeably potent and wonderful.

CBD wax like this doesn't demand any specific context - in fact, one of the best things about CBD is that it's non-psychoactive and can therefore be used anytime necessary. So I would say the most ideal situation for Charlotte's Web is the situation wherein one needs CBD's magic relief the most.


Buddha’s Smile cartridge by Harmony Farms/AiroPro | By Scott Dransfield

AiroPro cartridges come in several different varieties, but one of the first questions we ask as budtenders is: natural terps or added flavors? Since we’re a little terp-obsessed here at Smoking Crow, we usually prefer natural terps in our cartridges, but as flavors go, this “wild orange blossom” flavored 1:1 CBD:THC cartridge is one of the best. Its sweet orange flavor is smooth but not too syrupy, and the balanced yet potent effects uplift and relieve stress. At this time of year, who doesn’t need some of that?

The Buddha's Smile cart has taken its rightful place as my "pocket cart" -- that is, the cartridge that comes with me at all times, that I can pull out and puff away anytime I need a quick refresh.



Chemmy Jones flower by Virginia Company By Scott Dransfield

This beautiful flower smells sharply of pine and tastes like a fizzy lemon-lime soda laced with gas. As a genetic child of old-school powerhouse Chemdawg and euphoric sativa Casey Jones, this sativa hybrid will ignite your creative happiness. And because it’s grown by Virginia Company, you know you’re getting clean, professionally-grown bud from one of the most consistently great farms in the state.

Do you have a project you've been putting off? Need a little creativity in your life? Chemmy Jones provides a hearty euphoria to go along with its refreshing head high.



Black Jesus OG flower by GLW | By Scott Dransfield

In terms of strains that offer a heavy bake, few in our store lately have quite matched GLW’s Black Jesus OG. A cross between Jesus OG and Black Mountain Kush, its buds are tight and dense, grinding up into a fine fluff if one uses a grinder. The flower gives off a complex odor. Featuring herbaceous notes alongside spice-drop sweetness, Black Jesus OG’s flavor lives up to the nose, with smooth smoke that lets you take big bong rips. For your top-shelf indica collection, or for a much-needed nap, Black Jesus OG can’t be topped.

My wife and I have been binge-watching Game of Thrones in preparation of the new season coming out next spring, and Black Jesus has been along for the ride for much of it. Got some streaming shows you need to catch up on? This strain has got your back for your binge-watch.


Deathblow infused pre-roll by Cyclops | By Bree Hernandez

The newest addition to our infused pre-roll selection is already one of my favorites! Easily competing with the likes of FKOs and Legit Golds, these new infused joints by Cyclops burn smooth and taste delicious. I'm guessing they crush up their shatter and sprinkle it throughout the joint, because it never ran, got clogged, or tasted weird. It really was just an incredible, clean-burning infused joint whose flavor was reminiscent of candy....spicy candy.

The high was very social, and combined with the social nature of a strong infused joint, my ideal activity for smoking Cyclops Deathblow joint would be catching up with good friends by the fire.

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