December 1, 2018

The Crow Crew's Product Reviews: December 1

Welcome to our blog! Our staff will be regularly reviewing products we have on our shelves and posting the reviews here! Get in touch with our blog manager Scott on Instagram ( if there are any reviews you'd like to see.


Lemon Skunk flower and pre-roll by High End Farms

By Scott Dransfield

This is one of my favorite stoney sativas in the store! I like to make a distinction between energetic/functional sativa strains and what I call “stoney sativas,” which provide a strong psychoactive high similar to a hybrid or indica, but with none of the heavy or sleepy effects. Lemon Skunk is one of the best for this; its funky odor and happy high can turn any bad day around within minutes. Plus, buying High End Farms supports one of our favorite pesticide-free local farms!

When consuming Lemon Skunk, I’d relax with some video games, a good book, or anything that lets your creative mind work.




Berry Citrus Fuck concentrate crystals by Sweetwater Farms

By Laurel Heater

As a big fan of everything extracted by Amber Brick, and all of Sweetwater’s flower, I love these Berry Citrus Fuck Amber Crystals. Berry Citrus Fuck is a rare cross of pure sativa Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF) and the more chill hybrid Key Lime Cupcake. To me it takes on more of the energetic, uplifting feeling of ATF, but Key Lime Cupcake brings the flavor — a low temp dab of these crystals tastes sweet and clean.

The high provides a lot of body euphoria, but don’t sit too long on this strain as its mental energy could slip into paranoia territory. This one is for getting stuff done! Save it for a wake and bake or a day with a long to-do list.



Cosmic Cookies flower by Sweetwater Farms

By Scott Dransfield

One of Sweetwater Farms’ less common strains, Cosmic Cookies is a must-try indica-leaning hybrid. Made from a cross of Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookie, this stellar strain tastes sweet and earthy, with a hint of doughy baked goods. The high is buzzy and stimulating, but incredibly relaxing. In a market saturated with Girl Scout Cookie genetics, this hybrid easily stands out.

A strain like this can prompt sociability and contentment. I think this would be the perfect strain to choose for a night of board and card games with friends, for the laughter it will prompt and the relaxing body relief you’ll feel.




Chronic Thunder wax by Xclusive

By Orlando Lugo

This gram of wax looks like a perfect little button at the bottom of the container, with a good manageable consistency. It has a moderate potency at 67.32% total cannabinoids, but the strain provides a good, relaxing high. Upon the exhale, it tastes a bit like an IPA! At $25/gram, this is a perfect choice for a budget, relaxing dab.

I’d recommend finding a buddy to cuddle up with on the couch and binge-watch some Netflix on this strain!


Skytower x Golden Goat flower by Growing Like a Weed (GLW)

By Scott Dransfield

Have you been feeling depressed? This lovely, cerebral hybrid is perfect for a sweet daytime smoke, especially this time of year when the sun is scarce to be found. I haven’t yet found reliable strain information on Skytower, but Golden Goat is a strong, energetic sativa with earthy notes. This cross marries that flavor with a sweet lemon-lime scent and a beautifully frosty, pale bud appearance. The high it provides is creative and helps with productivity, but the primary feeling is happiness. Skytower x Golden Goat will uplift your mood and thought process, leaving you feeling sunny inside no matter what the skies look like.

Find a normally unpleasant chore, or think of a creative project that normally seems intimidating: these are the sorts of activities I recommend looking for while appreciating GLW’s Skytower x Golden Goat!



Frostitute flower by Daddy Fat Sacks

By Taylor Hendrickson

The Frostitute by Daddy Fat Sacks is one of my all-time favorite strains — as a true Blue Dream fan, this strain has a lot of similar outstanding qualities. The sweetness in the odor is strong enough to smell through the sealed bag. I’m surprised every time I smoke this strain; upon each first hit, the sweet flavor of the terpene profile gives me an instant pick-me-up. Besides the mood boost, I feel a strong stoney body high that never gets too heavy, just mellows out as the high comes down.

I like smoking Frostitute with friends, or when I’m just winding down to enjoy some Netflix, or even when I’m just listening to music and doing dishes. It has something for everyone to enjoy. :)


The Potion rocks ‘n sauce concentrate by Oleum Extracts

By Scott Dransfield

Oleum’s Rocks & Sauce are some of my favorite dabs I’ve ever had — their process of soaking THCA crystals in native strain-specific terpenes leads to extremely potent, tasty and satisfying dabs. The Potion strain features a huge 14% terpenes, so it’s extra flavorful, with a zesty herbal flavor on the exhale (especially when dabbed at low temperatures). It’s a sativa, too, which makes for a strong, yet functional and easygoing high, promoting productivity and harmony.

This is an awesome product for exercise and activity — I like dabbing it and walking around downtown or any of Bellingham’s beautiful parks.

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