May 13, 2018

SC Product Reviews: May 13, 2018

SC Product Reviews: May 13, 2018
by Scott Dransfield

Nuken by “Oh!” McDonald Farms
This product’s reputation preceded it. I’d heard about Nuken before I even got a chance to try it, such good things that I tried to avoid having too high of hopes before I even sparked up. But let me tell you, it lived up to the expectation. This is one of those indicas that seems more stimulating than sedating; it would be an excellent choice for a party or other social scenario where you’d want to feel upbeat and outgoing. Sensory experiences are enhanced — go to a comedy show or an interesting movie with Nuken. In my case, I was jamming to the music I had on, which sounded lush and full and clearly enhanced. I hung out with my significant other and we chatted and giggled a lot.


Kosher Kush by Virginia Company
It took me a while to get around to trying Kosher Kush; I go through sativas more quickly and therefore sample more of them. And I’ve been such a big fan of Virginia Company’s MK Ultra that I was skeptical this strain would be able to match up. But let me tell you, this is a great indica. It stands out because of its combination of body high and mood uplifter — rarely have I laughed so much on such a heavily relaxing strain. If it’s the end of the day and you need some therapeutic relaxation but would rather feel light and happy than heavy and stoned, this is the strain for you.




Super Silver Haze by Northwest Grown
Northwest Grown is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers we offer at Smoking Crow. All of their flower looks beautiful — frosty as a winter’s morning. I extolled the virtues of NW Grown’s Do-Si-Dos a few weeks ago, but this week it’s their Super Silver Haze that’s demanding attention. One jar contains huge buds that look like they’ve been sprayed down with extra kief. Open it up and the room will soon be filled with powerful aromas of citrus and pine. The smoke is smooth, but the high is even better. For a sativa, it’s strong and stoney, yet creatively stimulating and lightly psychedelic. It’s an excellent choice for writing, artwork or other creative work. Super Silver Haze has been around a while, and it already has a great reputation, and NW Grown’s version is about as good as you can get.




Dirty Girl by Cascadia Gardens
Live Resin Crystals
Cascadia Gardens has a whole line of amazing concentrates. My favorite are the live resin crystals — potent, delicious, and they make for a wonderfully clean dab. I first tried them in the Megafauna 15 strain, which was excellent, strong and stoney. I was even more jazzed to find them in the Dirty Girl variety — one of my favorite sativa strains. A low-temp dab of Dirty Girl live resin crystals bursts with sweet, herbal terps. The high is uplifting, energetic and fun. Recently I enjoyed a blissful, uninterrupted hour of Super Mario Odyssey after dabbing, and it was perfect: reach for this when you want to enjoy some entertainment, or play games, or attend social gatherings.



Spiced Caramel by Trip’s Kitchen
Trip’s Kitchen’s caramels are pretty much perfect: inexpensive, delicious single-serving edibles with 10 mg of THC each. The original flavor delivers just what you’d expect, but two new flavors recently hit the market: Bourbon Caramels and Spiced Caramels. The Spiced variety is my favorite; it’s sweet and smoky, but with a bit of cinnamon spice making things zesty.


Sriracha Tincture by Fairwinds
One of the most eye-catching products to hit our shelves in the last while, these Sriracha Tinctures are spicy and tasty, with enough THC to get you a little lifted. Obviously, this product is not really designed to get you high, unless you like your food extremely spicy. It smells and tastes like fresh peppers; instead of an oily tincture, it’s more like a pepper oil/hot sauce. I love hot sauces, so I feel qualified to say that this is a delicious infused product whose flavor is easily it’s biggest selling point.


Toffee Almond Crunch Cookie by American Baked Co.
American Baked Co. is one of my favorite edibles companies because their bakers clearly know food. The number one goal of all their products is seemingly flavor and quality — not to say that getting high from your edibles isn’t important; you always want your edible to be enjoyable and AB Co. take that to heart. That being said, they’ve truly outdone themselves with this cookie. It’s the most delicious infused chocolate candy I’ve ever had. Imagine a crunchy chocolate cookie, like an Oreo without the creme, doused in creamy milk chocolate and sprinkled with toasted almonds and toffee shards. Heavenly. Trust me.

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