April 22, 2018

SC Strain Report: Week of April 22

The Smoking Crow's Strain Report
Week of April 22

By Scott Dransfield

Alaskan Thunder Fuck by Sweetwater Farms

While A.T.F.’s strain name may be profane, it does an appropriate job of summing up the intensity of its experience. This stuff is like Coffee: The Weed. It’s my favorite strain yet to smoke right before going for a run. Plus, it’s always exciting to find an original landrace strain, and this one from Sweetwater Farms is the original phenotype from Alaska. No matter if you’re getting up in the morning, or need an extra boost of mental (and physical, for me at least) energy, ATF is a reliable jolt for the experienced sativa consumer.


ADAK by Eco-Budz (Treedom)

This week I’ve been pondering a lot about the differences betweens strains and their parents. Sometimes a strain is borne of a hybrid and a heavy indica, and it comes out a powerful sativa. Based on its lineage — a cross between two pure sativas, Alaskan Thunder Fuck and AK-47 — I expected this ADAK to be pure morning fuel. What I got instead was an calm, yet alert, focus, and an enjoyable enhancement of the senses. This is a great strain for a lazy Sunday morning, reading or writing or sitting on the porch. A bag full of this smells likes grass with a subtle lemon overtone, and it makes for a perfect wake and bake.

Blue Dream by Bad Rabbit

What can I say about Blue Dream that hasn’t already been said? This is a classic strain that just about everyone loves. And I’m a big fan of Bad Rabbit’s PHO: its propane extraction allows for slightly more retention of terps, which makes for an excellently smooth, tasty dab. At a low temp, this Blue Dream wax is sweet, a little spicy, and really rejuvenating. Whenever I get a chance to sample some Blue Dream, I don’t pass it up. It always makes me happy.



Psychedelic Teddy Bear by Amber Brick

This strain is a big ol’ mystery to most of us here at Smoking Crow. Amber Brick no longer makes it, and most likely they changed the original strain name to Psychedelic Teddy Bear, as they have been known to do with material processed under their own name. If I were to guess at the original strain, it would be Ewok, both because the Ewoks from Star Wars look like teddy bears, and because the effects of this tasty shatter are similarly cozy, high and happy. This strain exerts a heavily psychoactive effect on the mind and a pleasantly relaxed one in the body. One note of caution: be careful with this shatter and use a tool, because it can be really sticky on the skin.


Sunset Sherbet by Cascadia Gardens

Boy, 4/20 was a trip, wasn’t it? At least for those of us in the industry, weed’s national holiday was busy, intense, and tons of fun. But at the end of the day, I needed some serious relief. One thing I like to play with in my smoking habits is strain selection — do I mix strains? Smoke one after the other? Focus in on one strain all day? In a situation like this, I turned to a trifecta of my favorite indica-leaning strains, starting off with a Dutch Treat (which I reviewed last week), and ending with Brandywine (the week before). But in the middle of those two, I indulged in two bowls of Cascadia Gardens’ Sunset Sherbet. This is my favorite cross created from Girl Scout Cookies. It offers the ultimate in stress relief and body relaxation. I find its name to be remarkably accurate — it makes me feel like I’m relaxing on the beach at sunset, enjoying sweet treats.


BUDDY PICK: Lena picks Albert Walker by Cannabis King Gardens

My weekend buddy Lena really enjoyed Albert Walker by Cannabis King Gardens this week. Albert Walker is an indica hybrid, with an herbal scent reminiscent of pine wood. Her favorite thing about it is that even with the relaxation you’d expect from an indica, it allowed her to stay focused. It would be a great strain for curling up with a book after work, or doing some studying at the end of the day.

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