March 4, 2018

OSCAR PARTY - And the A-Canna-Me Award goes to...

By Scott Dransfield (

The Shape of Water — GreenRevolution Body Buzz Bath Salts — Take a medicated bath and drift off into your own fairy-tale fish-creature romance.

Call Me By Your Name — Sweetwater Farms Huckleberry Pie — This strain recommends “Sexy Time” as a pairing activity. After such a tender, romantic film you’ll want to puff on this with a significant other.

Darkest Hour — Sweetwater Farms Barrel-Cured Whiskey Primus Preroll — Winston Churchill was known to drink a daily whiskey (he preferred Johnnie Walker Red); we like to think if he smoked cannabis, he’d enjoy this whiskey-barrel cured Primus Pre-roll.

Dunkirk — Virginia Co. Lost Coast OG — This indica-dominant hybrid will keep you relaxed during this intense WWII thriller.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri — Virginia Co. Red Dragon (this one’s tough).

Phantom Thread — GreenRevolution Muse Body Oil — This film takes a darker look at a twisted artist-muse relationship. Seek happier inspiration with your muse with this infused body oil.

The Post — FDG 707 Truthband Preroll — This hybrid will boost your critical thinking skills and make you more able to navigate the tricky world of truth and the press.

Get Out — Virginia Co. Amnesia Haze — Worry not: this strain will help you forget your troubles, not your identity.

Lady Bird — Cascadia Gardens Dirty Girl — The titular hero of Lady Bird grows up and learns to move on from the dirt of teenage life. This sativa will even out your anxiety and help you complete your to-do list.

I, Tonya — Wildflower Balance Vape — This disposable vape won’t necessarily aid your ice skating skills, but its CBD-THC combination will grant you peace and inner balance.

The Florida Project — Sugarleaf Citrus Kiss — Smoke a delicious orange-tasting strain and feel the sunshine on your brain.

All the Money in the World — Sugarleaf Mob Boss (alternative: our most expensive product)

Blade Runner 2049 — White Fire Alien OG — Smoke this, sit back on your couch and wonder: am I a replicant?

Beauty and the Beast — Daddy Fat Sacks’ Sugar Black Rose — Don’t worry about petals falling — this particular rose will turn your inner beast into a sleeping kitten.

Baby Driver — Khush Kush Pineapple Gas Can — Refuel with Pineapple Gas Can (or any diesel strain) and you’ll have enough energy and clarity of mind to pull off all kinds of thrilling heists.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi — Doctor & Crook Skywalker OG cart — Luke Skywalker may be the last Jedi, but you can carry on his legacy with this mystical, powerful hybrid.

The Disaster Artist — NW Nectar Trainwreck — Soothe your anxiety and motivate your creative side with this strain. Maybe you can make the next worst movie of all time!

The Big Sick — Doctor & Crook The Cough concentrate — You may cough, but you definitely won’t be sick with this potent concentrate.

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